“Nalini Prabha Dev Prasad Roy College (NDR)” History

“Nalini Prabha Dev Prasad Roy (NDR)” Arts & Commerce College had been an important part of Bilaspur.

“Nalini Prabha Dev Prasad Roy (NDR)” College is a UGC,2F&12B registered college, & was established in year 2006 and Computers, Arts, & Commerce Faculties were conducted combined in it.

“Nalini Prabha Dev Prasad Roy (NDR)” College was well respected & popular at state level. Due to this, number of students increased every year.

. Since academic session of year 2006 the college, with faculties of Arts, Commerce & Computers, is continuously on dynamic path of progress.

Today it is one of largest college of the state of Chhattisgarh.


Salient features are :

a) Post graduate & research level facilities are available in college in all Subjects.

b) Books are in library.

c) Computer library is also available for students.

d) Highest number of students are studying here.

e) Well experience professors are guiding students.